Each episode has a single English word written in cipher or code and is hidden in a specific scene. When you watch the episode, use the provided hint to help find and decipher the answer to redeem for rewards in RAID: Shadow Legends. 


Found and deciphered the code? Get rewards in RAID: Shadow Legends by entering the 1 word English answer in the in-game RAID: Call of the Arbiter Code Chase tab on Android, Plarium Play and Microsoft Store.

iOS users can enter their answer here:

Episode 1 Galek

Hint: “Our hero looms over a momentous decision. A solution lurks in the background.”

Episode 2 Athel

Hint: “Stacked up among ancient knowledge, hidden figures loom large.”

Episode 3 Kael

Hint: “Gaze upon the doors to success, but be wary of what true treasure lies inside.”